Install via Knife-Solo

Initially contributed by Steffen Müller - added to the project as a Rake task.

  1. Clone the octohost-cookbook to your local machine. NOT the server you want to install it on.
  2. cd octohost-cookbook && bundle install
  3. rake knife_solo user=root ip=555.55.555.5 # Use your ip address.
  4. Once it's done, you'll need to add your keys to the git user: cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh root@IP "sudo gitreceive upload-key your-name-here"
  5. Open user-data-file/setup # Edit and run at least the last 2 commands.

After that's setup - you can start to push sites to your octohost:

git clone
cd harp
git remote add octohost git@IP:harp.git
git push octohost master

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