Data Stores

NOTE: Released at 0.8.1 - but think it shouldn't be used. All data should be stored remotely. Here's an example.

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We want to make several data stores available through linked Docker containers:

  1. Redis
  2. MySQL
  3. Memcached
  4. PostgreSQL

NOTE: There is currently a single linked container per application. You can use Redis OR Memcached but not both. That may be rectified in a future release.

We have added some "magic" Dockerfile comments.

  1. NO_HTTP_PROXY - tell octohost not to add records to the reverse HTTP proxy - this shouldn't be accessible via HTTP.
  2. ADD_NAME - In order to link containers together or use volumes from another container, you need to know the container's name. This tells octohost to name the container the same name as the git repo. This is a predictable name that won't clash with any other name because sites on an octohost are unique. (Otherwise Docker gives them a unique random name.)
  3. VOLUMES_FROM - To use a volume from a data only container this tells octohost to look for a container named "currentgitreponame_data"
  4. LINK_SERVICE - To link to a container with a running data store, this comment tells octohost to link to a container named 'currentgitreponame_servicename'. If you were using Redis, and your git repo was called 'awesomewebsite', it would look for 'awesomewebsite_redis' with the alias 'redis'.
  5. MOUNT_FROM_HOST - Mount data from the host filesystem into the container filesystem.

NOTE: If your service container is named differently you can specify the name:

# LINK_SERVICE redis container_name_goes_here


# LINK_SERVICE memcached container_name_goes_here


# MOUNT_FROM_HOST /etc/data

results in -v /etc/data:/etc/data, which mounts /etc/data to the container filesystem

# MOUNT_FROM_HOST /host/data/docker-data /docker/container/data

results in -v /host/data/docker-data:/docker/container/data, which mounts/host/data/docker-data from the host filesystem to /docker/container/data on the container

(Hint: be aware, that file owner and permissions have to match in order for the container to read/write on the mounted folder!)

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