What is octohost?

Simple web focused Docker based mini-PaaS server. git push to deploy your websites as needed.

What is it used for?

Hosting any web site required by adding a Dockerfile to your app's source repository.

What languages are supported?

We have more than 10 languages supported already, and many frameworks. Detailed information available here.

How do I use it?

There are several ways to get it:

  1. An already prepared Vagrant box. With integrated wildcard dns for easy reference.

  2. An Amazon AMI - Installation Instructions

  3. Digital Ocean Droplet - Installation Instructions

  4. Rackspace OpenStack Image

  5. Build your own somewhere else using Packer and a set of Chef cookbooks.

  6. Build your own using knife solo - just need SSH access - more info. Works on Azure too!

  7. Terraform Code to launch on AWS, DigitalOcean and Rackspace - more info

Advanced quickstart with AWS

These are the minimum amount of commands needed to get started:

ec2-run-instances --key your-key -g group-with-22-and-80-open ami-e8786e80 --region us-east-1
cat ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub | ssh -i ~/.ssh/your-key.pem ubuntu@ip.address.here "sudo gitreceive upload-key ubuntu"
git clone https://github.com/octohost/harp.git
cd harp && git remote add octohost git@ip.address.here:harp.git
git push octohost master

If you want a full explanation of those commands - take a look here.

Any questions?

Send us an email at octohost@octohost.io. Follow us on Twitter @octohost.

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